3 Materials of Vanity Top with Sink

24. 3 Materials of Vanity Top with Sink 22

Vanity top with sink is one of the best things you can use to decorate your house. The top of vanity comes in many choices. It allows you to adjust with the decoration your room have. on the other hand, you can also pick the one, which suits your budget. To ease you in choosing the right vanity, below we will give a brief description of each top.

  1. Quartz Vanity Top

Quartz included in the hardest minerals comes in nature. Nearly all type of stones even has some percentage of this mineral. You can get many benefits of using this material. The first one is, it does not require any sealing since this material is tougher compared to granite. The second one is, this material is resistant to stains, moisture, as well as bacterial. The last one is, the edge treatments as well as installation options of this material come in various preferences. However, it also has some lacks. This material comes in a little high cost. It ranged from $60 up to $100 for every square foot. Besides that, this material might need several times of wiping. It is because honed and textured finishing of this material might show smudges as well as fingerprints.

  1. Tile Vanity Top43 Vanity Top With Sink

Ceramic is not only supposed to be the surface of your floor only. If you arrange and decorate it well, it can appear to be astonishing top for your vanity. This type of top will show more charming look especially for Spanish colonial as well as beach cottage style. The benefits you can get from this material is, it is resistant to stains, moisture, heat, as well as scratches. Even though one or some of your tile damaged, you do not need to worry. The price of this material is very affordable. You only need to pay around $10 up to $50 for every square foot. Moreover, you are free to choose the pattern as well as installation. On the other hand, tile also brings some lacks that you need to consider. Sometimes, tile is difficult to keep clean. It often caused by grout, which can attract stains as well as mildew.

  1. Concrete Vanity Top

If you try to find the middle price of quartz and tile material, this one is the answer. The price of concrete material range from $65 up to $135 for every square foot, please note that it does not include the installation. By using this material, you can have a natural look of stone for your vanity. The choices of colors, decorative inlays, as well as textures also vary in numerous styles. This material also comes as eco-friendly one. Moreover, it also has well durability, which makes you do not need to renew your vanity in long period. just the same as the two previous materials, this one also has some lacks that you need to consider. The first one is this material need to be waxed and sealed frequently. It is because this material is naturally porous.

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