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Black Kitchen Sink Lowes: Where Beauty Meets Function

25. Black Kitchen Sink Lowes Where Beauty Meets Function2

Considering to purchase Black Kitchen Sink Lowes? We can see why. It’s a far cry from the standard stainless steel kitchen sink that we are so familiar with. This black colored kitchen sink is, indeed, an extraordinary beast. It is nothing you have ever seen before; not only is it functional, it is also incredibly gorgeous. Take one look at the kitchen sink and you will see just how sleek and sophisticated it is.

As the interest in interior design grows, every little detail about their interior all of a sudden counts. More and more homeowners start paying attention to the interior and decor of their house and at the same time, strive to improve any feature and and detail when the opportunity for that arises. This fine black colored kitchen sinks are, without a doubt, one of the room improvements they happen to catch along the way.

Black granite kitchen sink: the latest popular choice

Yes, a kitchen sink may be one of the most trivial and seemingly unimportant to many homeowners; but when you are looking for a way to change just one feature of your kitchen to greatly improve the overall beauty of this central area in the house, the answer lies in none other than the kitchen sink. This type of kitchen sink has been gaining attention as well as popularity among many interior design enthusiasts for many reasons. However, one of the most talked about reasons being how gorgeous it is. The jet black color contrasts your marbled cabinet and it looks incredibly sophisticated. However, you have heard from some people that its exceptional beauty also comes with one drawback – the fact that it needs maintenance for your to preserve its beauty.

Just any other type of beauty, your Black Kitchen Sink requires you to put an extra effort into its maintenance regimen in order for it to be spotlessly clean and gorgeous. This is perhaps the main reason why you and a few others end up in this article to begin with, you are not sure if you would like to have one extra chore on your to-do list. With stainless steel sink, you do not have to worry about extra-care after use or whether or not your water is hard and will leave water spots all over it – but what about the black-colored granite sink?

Is it worth the effort?

Black, being a dark color, may make you worry about water spots; however made of granite, this sink is actually just as forgiving as the stainless steel one. The only maintenance you are required to do is wipe the sink after use, and we think it’s a fair-trade. The challenge lies in the cleaning department, however. With stainless you can see which spots need a wash and which one needs a good scrub. Give the color, it may be a tad difficult for you to gauge on whether or not the sink needs extra scrubbing. Choosing premium-quality sink such as Kraus Granite 22×33-inches Onyx Double Basin, and Franke Primo 33x22in Garphite Single Basin from Lowes will not disappoint, though – no cracks, no issues whatsoever

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All You Need to Know About Home Depot Pedestal Sink

28. All You Need to Know About Home Depot Pedestal Sink2 (1)

Home Depot Pedestal Sink

A quick look at Home Depot Pedestal Sink collections and you will instantly fall in love with these absolute beauty. Not many homeowners are aware of what pedestal sinks are, however the moment they see pictures of the collection in Home Depot, they quickly understand that pedestal sinks are indeed none other than a bathroom sink that they are so accustomed to. So why is it called Pedestal Sink if it is just another bathroom sink? What makes it different from the standard definition of a bathroom sink? Keep reading to find out.

It may only be another fancy name for a bathroom sink; however, if you are interested in learning the difference between them

– the answer is actually very simple. Check its design and you will most likely see the difference. Yes, a Pedestal Sink is indeed a combination of two contrasting designs: the traditional design and contemporary design. With the signature look of a wide and deep basin with signature porcelain base underneath, this sink is to die for and is guaranteed to amplify the beauty of your home – especially those with modern decor. If you are interested in this type of Home Depot Pedestal Sink material, keep reading to find our tips.

All You Need to Know About Home Depot Pedestal Sink

Things to consider before purchasing

There are a few important things you must take into consideration before you buy the unit you love. As you have probably guessed, these things are rather technical and dull yet important nonetheless. First and foremost, you must take the appropriate measurement to better determine the correct size for your available space. Remember, the sink should not overpower the interior design of your bathroom. Another useful tips is to make sure that your pedestal sink is not only a perfect fit for the space, but also the faucet of your choice.

Things to consider when selecting the style

If there is one thing you must always keep in mind, it is the fact that Pedestal Sinks are always comprised of two pieces. First is the basin of the sink, and the other is the pedestal column that you can see underneath. Another thing is the fact that it is must always be supported by the wall – this may work in your favor as well, since you can hide your plumbing behind it. Also, the console features of your sink is typically supported by its 4-legs and more often than not, it is also equipped with a built-in backsplash which is a very thoughtful addition.

Where can we use a pedestal sink?

Unlike bathroom sink, pedestal sink can also be found elsewhere as it is not confined in the bathroom. If you have been wondering other places in the house you can enhance by giving it a beautifully made pedestal sink, below is a list of three examples as to where it is acceptable for you to install a pedestal in.

  • Any area in the house that has limited floor space such as the small guest bathroom and also a powder room.

  • If you want to add it to the bathroom, you can easily put it next to your current sink and dub it the his and her sinks.

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3 Materials of Vanity Top with Sink

24. 3 Materials of Vanity Top with Sink 22

Vanity top with sink is one of the best things you can use to decorate your house. The top of vanity comes in many choices. It allows you to adjust with the decoration your room have. on the other hand, you can also pick the one, which suits your budget. To ease you in choosing the right vanity, below we will give a brief description of each top.

  1. Quartz Vanity Top

Quartz included in the hardest minerals comes in nature. Nearly all type of stones even has some percentage of this mineral. You can get many benefits of using this material. The first one is, it does not require any sealing since this material is tougher compared to granite. The second one is, this material is resistant to stains, moisture, as well as bacterial. The last one is, the edge treatments as well as installation options of this material come in various preferences. However, it also has some lacks. This material comes in a little high cost. It ranged from $60 up to $100 for every square foot. Besides that, this material might need several times of wiping. It is because honed and textured finishing of this material might show smudges as well as fingerprints.

  1. Tile Vanity Top43 Vanity Top With Sink

Ceramic is not only supposed to be the surface of your floor only. If you arrange and decorate it well, it can appear to be astonishing top for your vanity. This type of top will show more charming look especially for Spanish colonial as well as beach cottage style. The benefits you can get from this material is, it is resistant to stains, moisture, heat, as well as scratches. Even though one or some of your tile damaged, you do not need to worry. The price of this material is very affordable. You only need to pay around $10 up to $50 for every square foot. Moreover, you are free to choose the pattern as well as installation. On the other hand, tile also brings some lacks that you need to consider. Sometimes, tile is difficult to keep clean. It often caused by grout, which can attract stains as well as mildew.

  1. Concrete Vanity Top

If you try to find the middle price of quartz and tile material, this one is the answer. The price of concrete material range from $65 up to $135 for every square foot, please note that it does not include the installation. By using this material, you can have a natural look of stone for your vanity. The choices of colors, decorative inlays, as well as textures also vary in numerous styles. This material also comes as eco-friendly one. Moreover, it also has well durability, which makes you do not need to renew your vanity in long period. just the same as the two previous materials, this one also has some lacks that you need to consider. The first one is this material need to be waxed and sealed frequently. It is because this material is naturally porous.

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Under Sink Plumbing Parts You Should Know

23. Under Sink Plumbing Parts You Should Know 12

Under Sink Plumbing Parts

Knowing the under sink plumbing parts is important. When you have something wrong with the sink in your house, it will be easier for you to buy the new part if you know what it is. Therefore, this article will share you some of those parts so that you can have deeper understanding about the basic in the sink, which often break, leak, or even block the water flow in your house.

Supply tubesUnder Sink Plumbing Parts

These plumbing parts commonly comes in pair. You can find this part from your sink faucet tailpieces downward to the shut off valves. It connects these two parts by using attached nuts. It made from various materials. The commonly used are braided wire, solid plastic (usually gray), plastic mesh (usually white), or chromed copper.


This part under sink is the one made from two parts. It consist the U bend and the trap arm. Both of this part is in curved section. The main purpose of this part in thesink is to connect the sink into the sewer line. The curved trap has the ability to hold standing water. In other words, it will prevent sewer gasses to rise up. On the other hand, the bottom part of the U bend still filled with water. It keeps the gasses not to pass through. This part allows you to have the old water flushed out then replaced with new water every time you run the water down. In older house the slip nut joints may use the solvent glued traps instead.

Drain Tailpiece

This under sink part often addressed as the sink tailpiece as well. it is the straight section, which connecting the bottom part of your sink into the drain fitting. If you use pop up drain for your sink, then there will be lever rod of the drain assembly, which connected to the port at the back part of the tailpiece. The tailpiece often attached to the drain fitting by using a slip nut. It is a threaded ring, which you can tight and loose by your hand, or sometimes by using gentle persuasion of channel type pliers as well. Below the nut, you will find plastic tapered washer, which makes a watertight seal.

Shut off valves

This part is the small valves located between the supply hoses, or tubes, and the pipes for the incoming water supply. The hoses or tubes are usually the one connected the tailpieces on the sink faucet. These plumbing parts often used metal as well as plastic as its main material. The shape varies from oval to football shaped handle in order to ease you on opening or closing the valve. In other sources, this part also called as stop valves. It is because this part allows you to turn off the water supply in your sink. You do not need to shut off the water to the whole areas in your house by having this part. It often comes in pairs. The one is to control cold water, while the other is to control hot water.

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3 Most Common Bathroom Sink Stopper Types

22. Bathroom Sink Stopper Types 12

Bathroom Sink Stopper Types

Vanity, sink, and faucet are probably things that are really familiar for all of us. However, have you ever thought about the sink stopper? Yes, stopper in this matter can be described as a tool that is placed on the sink’s hole to avoid the water and other things to follow the flow. Some kinds of stopper are made by still letting the water to flow for sure. However, modern stoppers look more sophisticated. It is when you can set the holes available to be opened and closed. Therefore, you can just let the water flow or simply pooled as you want. There are at least three bathroom sink stopper types. What are they? Just read the explanation below.

Bathroom Sink Stopper Types with Strainer and Stopper Combined

Well, the title is so long indeed. However, it just describes the function in general. First of all, this kind of stopper works as a strainer. It is so that you can avoid the particles from being flown down. The stopper is more common to be found in kitchen sink. The reason is clear; it is to keep the food particles on the sink of course. It is what we call as the modern stopper as it has been mentioned above. Since the combination of strainer and stopper is basically used when you wash the dishes, is it needed for the bathroom? The answer is yes. In fact, you may sometimes drop something small but valuable while you are washing your hands or faces. It can be jewelry and others. Just imagine if those valuables are flowing down. For this matter, it is really necessary to install this kind of bathroom sink stopper a types anyway.

Bathroom Sink Stopper Types with LevelBathroom Sink Stopper Types

If there is a traditional kind of bathroom sink stopper, it is probably the answer. It is when you see a kind of stopper that is put on the top of a sink. Then, you only use it when you need to fill it up or drown something in it. The function is to transform the sink into a bucket generally. The price for this stopper is relatively cheap and you can just find it simply anywhere. But sure, it means that the functions and benefits are limited as well. Commonly, it is made from plastic. However, you can also find the others that are made from stainless steel.

Bathroom Sink Stopper Types with In-Drain Stopper

It is actually very similar to the first type of stopper mentioned in this article. The only difference is that the strainer can be removed or separated from the stopper. It is due to the fact that the stopper is more often to be used than the strainer. The reason why people choose this kind of bathroom sink stopper is about the maximum stopping. Yes, in term of stopping the water, it can work really well. It is considered that the first type mentioned in the previous point is still remaining slit that enables the water to absorb.

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Stunning Ideas of Lowes Sinks and Faucets

21. Lowes Sinks And Faucets 12

Lowes Sinks And Faucets

Are you looking for the best Lowes sinks and faucets? Sink and faucet are indeed two things that cannot be separated each other. Yes, sink means nothing without faucet since it is the main source of water. Sink itself has so many variants. There are some sinks installed in our home living. It can be placed on the bathroom. Meanwhile, there is also a sink for kitchen. They are different each other and it is so important to differ them more to match it with the function. Aside from this matter, the brand is also another matter to consider when buying this item. One of the brands that are recommended is Lowes. Despite the qualified materials used, the designs are also really various. Here are some ideas you can find from the Lowes sinks and faucets.

Stainless Steel Lowes sinks and faucets

The use of stainless steel for kitchen furniture and utensils is not something new for sure. Stainless is categorized in metals. However, it is anti corrosion. Therefore, it is so safe and environmentally healthy for a place like kitchen in which many ingredients may place there. Many designs of sink and faucet with stainless steel as the main material are available in Lowes. It is whether you prefer a sink which is simple or with details. The styles like classic, modern, and the others are also good enough along with the stainless steel. The price is various. Undeniably, the stainless steel itself is staged into some levels that influence the price for sure.

Ceramic Lowes Sinks and faucetsLowes Sinks And Faucets

Another material commonly used for sink is ceramic. If we compare stainless steel and ceramic sinks, the ceramic ones indeed look more beautiful and elegant. Besides, it looks cleaner also. In this matter, ceramic sinks are of course more recommended. However, there is a tendency that sinks made from ceramics are more expensive. Sure, it depends on the types of ceramics used also. Similar to the stainless steel sinks, ceramic sink from Lowes can accommodate many kitcheninterior designs. It is whether you prefer modern, classic, vintage, or the others. One more thing, the ceramic is only used for sink. While for the faucets, the stainless steel is still used here.

Marble Lowes Sinks and Faucets

Talking about the best material used particularly for the sink, we probably cannot move too far from this one; marble. Marble has stronger structure while the surface is cleaner and smoother. Sure, if you are interested in this material for sink, you must pay more anyway.

Glass Lowes Sinks and Faucets

Do you want a kind of Lowes sinks and faucets that are unique and different from the others? Here there is. What do you think about choosing a kind of sinks that are made from glass? Although the number of products are not as numerous as those from ceramics or stainless steel, this idea is available also. It is reasonable; the demands of sinks from glass are still very limited even if this idea makes your kitchen look more stunning.

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The Designs for Stand Alone Kitchen Sink

20. Stand Alone Kitchen Sink 12

Stand Alone Kitchen Sink

What is stand alone kitchen sink? It is a kind of sink that can be moved anywhere that you want. In other words, it can be said that the sink is portable or not permanently installed to your wall. There are surely some benefits and lacks regarding this kind of kitchen sink. The benefits are mainly about the ability to be moved. Besides, it is also lightweight with wheels installed. If you are always interested to rearrange your kitchen placement, applying this kitchen sink is a good idea for you. Meanwhile, stand along kitchen sink also has many designs and ideas. What are they?

Contemporary Stand Alone Kitchen Sink

Talking about the most popular home interior design and furniture, it cannot be separated from the idea of modern and contemporary style. The design that is simple and minimalist but still elegant and luxurious becomes the key point here. Indeed, most of the kitchen sink is designed in classic or vintage ways. Many of them are even coarse enough so that the sinks are associated to rustic or country style. However, it seems that much furniture nowadays tries to develop the design of stand alone or portable sink. The result is really great and satisfying. It is that the sinks are available in many shapes and designs including the modern or classic.

Classic Stand Alone Kitchen Sink

This idea is in contrast with modern sinks explained above. It is when the sink is designed so that it is more about classic or old design. If modern design is focused on the application of clean look, classic has more details. It can be in the form of engraving and the others. If there is something like mirror installed on it, mirror in certain shapes like round or oval are more recommended. The implementation of curves is also often done to add the sense of classiness. The term of classic it, in the world of home interior design, is divided into some other styles. The divisions are related to the culture influenced; like Victorian, Mediterranean, French, and others.

Vintage Stand Alone Kitchen Sink

Another name of vintage is retro that is related to the styles happening some decades ago. In this very modern era, the idea of bringing back the styles around 70s, 80s and 90s is really cool. It is not only about the fashion. In fact, vintage furniture has so many demands recently. To see how vintage portable sink looks like, you can actually just see your parents and grandparents collection. Yes, the application of bright color in classic sink can be used as reference here. Sure, to make this idea works well, it seems that all furniture in your kitchen must apply the same idea as well.

Country Stand Alone Kitchen Sink

Another cool idea is country or even rustic kitchen sink. The nuance of coarse is something accentuated the most here. However, it is still so beautiful and unique for sure. So, which one of the stand alone kitchen sink that you are interested the most?

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How to Remove Kitchen Sink Drain Gasket to Solve Leaking Problem

17.Kitchen Sink Drain Gasket2

Kitchen Sink Drain Gasket

There is a case that your kitchen sink is leaking and it might be because of its kitchen sink drain gasket. Don’t let it without any proper treatment. Just fix it right away to prevent greater kitchen sink problem. You may fix it by yourself if you have time. Just follow the information below and hopefully the leaking problem can be solved right away.

Check the Leak

Before removing the kitchen sink and the gasket, you need to check the leak first. The way to check it is also easy to do. Just fill the sink with water. Now, check the bottom of the gasket strainer. If you feel the water there, it means the basket strainer is leak. It means you have to continue to the next step.

Remove the Sink

If you are sure that the sink is leaking, you have to turn on the water system. Then, start to remove or uninstall the kitchen sink carefully. You may start by losing the coupling nut at the based of the basket strainer. You may do it with a slip joint plier. Try to slide the nut until completely off from the threads. It is better to hold the basket because mostly it is spinning and it disturbs the process.

Uninstall the Locknut

When the coupling nut is successfully removed, you can continue with the locknut. Just remove it carefully. You may use 16 inch slip joint pliers or spud wrench. Spin the tool until you can uninstall the locknut perfectly. The difficulty of doing this step is because there are some parts which are also moving while the spinning process.

Treat the Gasket

Now, prepare the plumber’s putty. Just apply the putty around the lip of the drain opening. When it ready start to adjust the strainer. What you have to do is press the strainer down into the putty. Just do it carefully and firmly.

Reinstall the Parts of the SinkKitchen Sink Drain Gasket

If you think that you apply the putty well as well as readjust the strainer perfectly, you can finish it by reinstall the parts of the sink. Install the rubber gasket, friction ring, and the locknut which released before. Don’t forget to retighten the locknut. It is a must for you to make sure that the parts of the sink have been tightening perfectly.

Recheck the Leaking

The last thing to do is recheck the leak. You can do the same thing in which you can turn on the water and let it through the sink. Now, check the bottom of the thegasket strainer. The sign that you are successfully solved the leak is that there will be no water on the gasket strainer. If you still feel the water, you may recheck the parts of the sink.

Actually, it is the simplest way to solve the leak of your kitchen sink drain gasket. If it doesn’t work, there is a possibility that there is a damage part. You may replace the part with a new one by removing the sink first. If it doesn’t work at all, you may call a professional plumber to help you.

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Various Small Sinks for Powder Room Style

16.Small Sinks For Powder Room1

Small Sinks For Powder Room

Small sinks for powder room are what you need to install especially if you want to improve a small room at home. Actually, there are hundreds of small sinks out there and it makes you confuse sometimes. Just remember that different type of small sink creates different atmosphere or theme for the powder room.

Small Sinks for Traditional Powder Room

Some people love to apply traditional design at home including for their powder room. How about you? Do you have the same intention? If it is so, you may consider traditional or antique small sink. For antique small sink you may choose the 4 inch or 8 inch faucet. Just apply a pedestal small sink. Mix this type of sink with multicolor wall. Let say, you can choose natural color such as white for the bottom part of the wall and soft color wallpaper for the top part of the wall. Classic hanging lamps and mirror without frame are also perfect to increase the classic atmosphere. Make it balance with something colorful such as a vas of roses, unique hand sanitizer bottle, painting, and many more.

Small Sink for Trendy Powder Room

Small sink is also applicable for trendy powder room. Actually, you may choose to use pedestal sink or wall mount sink. A wall mount sink is perfect especially if the room is very small. The key to make eyes catching trendy powder room is giving strong pattern. You can get the pattern from wallpaper. If it is not, you can also apply unique or extraordinary mirror without frame. Just add small lamps to give enough light inside. It looks simple but finally you got your trendy powder room with your favorite small sink.

Small Sink for Contemporary Powder Room

The best part of this room design is the use of bright color. In the matter of small sink, you can just take a vessel sink with round design. Just combine it with violet color, white, wooden color, and orange. This type of style is perfect if the room has a large window. Don’t forget to install medium or big mirror without frame. Glass, ceramic, and wooden are three perfect materials you can use. Let say, you can add glass hand sanitizer bottle, a ceramic vase, and wooden cupboard. Your small powder room might become one of comfortable rooms at home.

Small Sink for Modern Powder RoomSmall Sinks For Powder Room

How about if you love to see something modern? You don’t need to worry because you can also apply a small sink to create a modern powder at home. Just choose a small vessel sink along with red cabinet and black title. The key of modern room is the simplicity. Just keep it simple. You don’t need to use too much additional accessories. Make it balance with enough lighting.

Small Sink for Farmhouse Powder Room

For unique powder room, you can use a small wall mount sink. It is also a simple design in the form of accessories and color. Mostly, it uses white, black or wooden color. Give enough light especially natural light through window. Add it with small mirror and vintage small sink.

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