Various Small Sinks for Powder Room Style

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Small Sinks For Powder Room

Small sinks for powder room are what you need to install especially if you want to improve a small room at home. Actually, there are hundreds of small sinks out there and it makes you confuse sometimes. Just remember that different type of small sink creates different atmosphere or theme for the powder room.

Small Sinks for Traditional Powder Room

Some people love to apply traditional design at home including for their powder room. How about you? Do you have the same intention? If it is so, you may consider traditional or antique small sink. For antique small sink you may choose the 4 inch or 8 inch faucet. Just apply a pedestal small sink. Mix this type of sink with multicolor wall. Let say, you can choose natural color such as white for the bottom part of the wall and soft color wallpaper for the top part of the wall. Classic hanging lamps and mirror without frame are also perfect to increase the classic atmosphere. Make it balance with something colorful such as a vas of roses, unique hand sanitizer bottle, painting, and many more.

Small Sink for Trendy Powder Room

Small sink is also applicable for trendy powder room. Actually, you may choose to use pedestal sink or wall mount sink. A wall mount sink is perfect especially if the room is very small. The key to make eyes catching trendy powder room is giving strong pattern. You can get the pattern from wallpaper. If it is not, you can also apply unique or extraordinary mirror without frame. Just add small lamps to give enough light inside. It looks simple but finally you got your trendy powder room with your favorite small sink.

Small Sink for Contemporary Powder Room

The best part of this room design is the use of bright color. In the matter of small sink, you can just take a vessel sink with round design. Just combine it with violet color, white, wooden color, and orange. This type of style is perfect if the room has a large window. Don’t forget to install medium or big mirror without frame. Glass, ceramic, and wooden are three perfect materials you can use. Let say, you can add glass hand sanitizer bottle, a ceramic vase, and wooden cupboard. Your small powder room might become one of comfortable rooms at home.

Small Sink for Modern Powder RoomSmall Sinks For Powder Room

How about if you love to see something modern? You don’t need to worry because you can also apply a small sink to create a modern powder at home. Just choose a small vessel sink along with red cabinet and black title. The key of modern room is the simplicity. Just keep it simple. You don’t need to use too much additional accessories. Make it balance with enough lighting.

Small Sink for Farmhouse Powder Room

For unique powder room, you can use a small wall mount sink. It is also a simple design in the form of accessories and color. Mostly, it uses white, black or wooden color. Give enough light especially natural light through window. Add it with small mirror and vintage small sink.

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What to Consider Buying 60 Inch Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet

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60 Inch Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet

If you want to feel more comfortable in working in your kitchen, you probably will choose a 60 inch kitchen sink base cabinet. This sink base cabinet is also great in storing things. All of your kitchen tools especially the ones you want to hide will be more organized. What is this kind of cabinet actually? This is a cabinet specially designed to use with a sink or more. This kind of cabinet usually doesn’t have back panel for the sake of plumbing access, water lines, and waste traps. Normally, it doesn’t have drawers. To make it look great, it has fake drawers in front. This cabinet with its parts like drawers and doors should match in color and style with other cabinets or other furniture pieces in the kitchen. If you want to upgrade your kitchen with this kitchen sink base cabinet sixty inch in size, you should know what to consider. Here they are:

Material to choose

Having the best material for your sink base cabinet with high quality is very important since you won’t buy it every day. The material should be long lasting and easy to maintain. No doubt, the one with wooden-base is the best. Surely, you have to know more about the wood that is durable for sink base cabinets.

Color to choose

The color of your sink base cabinet must be the one that goes well with the tone of your kitchen. However, some people have an interesting idea by making the sinkbase cabinet the hero of the kitchen. The color is so different and contrasts with other things inside the kitchen. Well, the choice is yours.

Sinks60 Inch Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet

It is very important for you to choose the sink that suitable with a 60 inch sink base cabinet for your kitchen. Whether you choose single or double sinks, you need to know what the best for you is. You just have to remember that the base sink cabinet of 60 inch is so large.


The best design you can have must be based on the size of your kitchen. Is it a spacious or a small one?

If your kitchen is small, care for the design that can fit well with one corner in your kitchen.

If the kitchen is bigger, you are free to choose the design.

If your kitchen is mini, then forget about this kind of sink base cabinet.  

Now you know more about a sink base cabinet for your kitchen with sixty inch in size that is large enough for you to do cooking experiments in your kitchen. Let’s talk more about the sink suitable for this kind of cabinets. Here what to consider choosing the sink:

  • Sink materials which can be copper, stainless steel, granite, composite, fireclay, porcelain, and acrylic. Choose the one that you like best and the one that matches with the sink base cabinet’s material and color.

  • Types of sinks that can be drop in, under-mount, corner, bar, integral, and prep.

  • Drain position.

  • Hot water dispenser.

  • Number of bowls.

  • Size and depth of the bowls.

Have inspiration by browsing the websites of home improvement stores in your area. If you love doing projects, designing, making and installing your own sink base cabinet for your 60 inch kitchen sink base cabinet is also great.

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Facts about Trough Sinks for Bathrooms and Ideas of Mirrors to Accompany

13. Facts about Trough Sinks for Bathrooms and Ideas of Mirrors to Accompany2

Trough Sinks For Bathrooms

Trough sinks can greatly make something different to your bathroom if you are thinking of remodeling it. Trough sinks for bathrooms are available variously in different size, materials, price, types, models, and colors. If you are not familiar with through sinks, you should check what are so special about them below.

Facts about Trough Sinks

  • For a smaller master bathroomtrough sinks can be as alternative to double vanities, which are usually so big with square footage to separate two sinks and vanities.

  • This kind of sink is so interesting that it will give people who use it a new experience: washing hands at such an interesting sink shape having the same function with any other sinks or vanities. Especially your guests who use it and not really familiar with it, they may think that the owner of the house is so creative. People who know this kind of sink will feel nostalgic. Trough sink comes from the past, remember?

  • Trough sinks give rustic touch to even a modern bathroom. It may be because the trough sinks exactly are from the past.

  • In the restrooms of public places like restaurants, trough sinks are effective since more customers may wash their hands at these sinks altogether.

  • Trough sinks are easy to clean. Just use mild soap and water to clean them because nowadays, these sinks are designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

Trough sinks can be located in bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. The one located in a bathroom whether a small one with one faucet, or a bigger one with double or triple faucets, people normally accompany them with mirrors. Here are the ideas:Trough Sinks For Bathrooms

Ideas of mirrors to accompany through sinks in your bathroom:

  • If you have a small trough sink with one faucet and you locate it in one corner of your bathroom, surely you have to hang a single mirror above the sink. About the shape of the mirror and its rim depends on your taste and style. You can choose a round mirror, a square, or an oval mirror with the size that fits well with the trough sink.

  • If you have a bigger trough sink with double or triple faucets, you can have double or triple mirrors hanging on the wall above the sinks. Each of the mirrors exactly should have the size that fits well with the half or the one third of the sink.

  • If you have a bigger through sink with double faucets or three, you also can use one big mirror with the size that fits the whole sink. This bigger mirror can be round, oval, square, or rectangle. It depends on your style and taste.

Some trough sinks may have special pipes under them where the water can flow and people can see these pipes. Some can be installed to any countertops or pieces of furniture as a drop in sink. In a bathroom surely people need more storage for their private things, so they can have a vanity cabinet under the Troughsinks for bathrooms. It’s great to have it in our bathroom, don’t you think so? If you are interested in improving your bathroom with this kind of sink, browse internet now.

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5 Important Things to Think about before Buying Farmhouse Sink for Sale

12. 5 Important Things to Think about before Buying Farmhouse Sink for Sale – 1

Farmhouse Sink For Sale

Farmhouse sink for sale is probably the place you want to visit right now. You may find the perfect sink for your kitchen with affordable price there. Other than that, farmhouse sink will fit well if your kitchen provides flexibility both on the capacity and dimensions. This is a single and deep sink. Besides, it gives attractive look which will create additional design value in your kitchen.

But there are several thing you better thing about before finally buy the sink with farmhouse style.

It takes up space

You better know that this type of sink is pretty deep which means that you will need plenty spaces down the sink. 12 inches for the depth of free space will be the smallest size you can prepare. And you will need to consider to relocating all items that now is currently placed under your existing sink. The width you will be about 20 up to 36 inches wide which will lead you to think about the cabinetry.

It requires proper bracing

Well, if your old sink was about 20 up to 30 pound then you will need to modify the framing if you intend to put 100 lb. sink on it. It might not get to be stable without proper modification on the bracing. The framework will need to be bolstered around the sink according to the weight and the dimensions of it.

It is highly recommended to consult the installation instructions from manufacturer or call your contractor to establish proper bracing for the countertop’s framework.

Placement issues

You need to make a decision about how much the sink protrudes under above and in front of counter. At least there are three options you can consider.

  • The drop-in option will put the rim over the counters. It will be caulked on the outside part of the sink as well. This position will allow you to see the entire sink’s profile.
  • The under-mount option will put the sink’s rim under the 
  • bottom counter’s surface or be mounted.
  • The integral option will let the sink mingles in with the countertop flawlessly. Well, this is the custom style and will give the best result if it is taken during the phase of building after all.

This is just a matter of personal taste, eventually.

Farmhouse Sink For Sale

Types of material

Farmhouse sinks come with various materials. Well, it is about the personal preference and each material will have certain options of colors you can choose. The materials that are used for this type of sink are such as porcelain, cast iron wrapped with enamel, fiberglass, acrylic, soapstone, granite, slate, stainless steel, vitreous China, copper, and fireclay. If you want to have stylish kitchen then it is better to mix and match the material with the exiting features in your kitchen.

Single bowl vs. double bowl

Both single and double bow have its own pros and cons. I will remind about the personal preference and it is better to be addressed since the first time you decide to design your kitchen with farmhouse sink.

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Pros and Cons 27 Inch Farmhouse Sink

11. Pros and Cons 27 Inch Farmhouse Sink – 1

27 Inch farmhouse sink

27 Inch farmhouse sink is really designed for you who have flexible kitchen. As long as the space is available, the budget is ready, and the style is matching with your kitchen then you can go for it. This type of sink will give the gorgeous look on your kitchen. But before you finally you think about putting this sink to the kitchen then you better consider several things.

Well, farmhouse sink is also called as apron front sink. It is used to hold huge amount of water in it. People in the olden days had to pick water from the water source since they did not have any running water. Bucket was what they need to bring the water back to their house. So, farmhouse sink was initially designed to be that deep in order to hold the water for various functions like cleaning and washing clothes.

In this day, this type of sink is pretty popular since it gives classic sense in the kitchen. It is also possible to put this sink in modern kitchen. But if you want to put this sink in your kitchen then you better read the pros and cons first since it will force you to cope with the technical matter before installing the farmhouse sink.

The good things of farmhouse sinkPros and Cons 27 Inch Farmhouse Sink

The sink is wide and deep which will allow you to work freely. You can also wash the big pan and large pot as well. This sink is also good for focal point or point of interest in your kitchen. It stands out and makes the statement for itself. There is also a double bowl option. So, if you like to have multi-functioned farmhouse sink, you can choose the double bowl for your kitchen.

Since it is mainly installed or mounted under the counter, you will find no problem when you want to wipe the spilled water into the sink. It comes with various materials so you can choose which have a lot of color options too. Since it is commonly designed for a custom cabinet, you are still able to find the option of self-trimming.

The bad things of farmhouse sink

It has a really nice look and unfortunately is also a bit prier than other sink types. Before choosing this sink, you better do a little research first. The various materials also come with different character. Again, before you choose the material for the sink, it is important to know the characteristics of each material. For example, the fireclay will be good before it resists the chip as well as scratches but it could break the dishes if you drop it accidentally on the sink.

When it comes something like that, you need to make sure that the installation is right. The countertops will be surely affected and the cabinet for the sink’s spot will be retrofitted as well. Usually, people will order the new doors for the cabinet since the front part of the drawer will be cut for farmhouse sink.

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Types of Kitchen Sinks before Replacing a Kitchen Sink

10. Types of Kitchen Sinks before Replacing a Kitchen Sink – 2

Replacing a kitchen sink

Replacing a kitchen sink is not a craft thing since it needs skill and determination though. But before you replace the sink in your kitchen with the new one, it is important to know and understand about the characteristics of each material and types of the sink as well. Basically people will consider the material as well as the style of the sink.

The materials of sinks

Stainless steel is the most popular material for sink. Besides, more than 70% of sinks in the market are made of stainless steel. Even though it is considered as an affordable material for sink, several big brands will require cost from 300 US dollars and more. It is resistant to stains and heat but easily scratch and it shows the water spots more blatantly.

Cast iron is a kind of oldest materials and still getting the popularity in today since it comes with various colors. Most of them are finished with enamel so it will shine and not get rusted. It is also durable even though it is also made of enamel. But it is heavy and pretty expensive. Besides, it is not suitable for under-mount sink installment.

The next material is composite which are the combination of quartz and crushed granite. It gives the quality of material like quartz or granite as well as the aesthetic. It is also considered as the toughest material and resistant to scratching and stains as well.

Fireclay is made of ceramic clay that is molded into the sink shape. It is also finished with the enamel so the strength becomes better. This material is offered in the most expensive price among other materials for sink. The enamel is easily chipped if you accidentally drop the dishes on it. It gives classic look.

The styles of sinksreplacing-a-kitchen-sink

Single bowl will be really suitable for you who like compact look and have the limited space. The price will be cheaper than any styles as well. You will find that the basin of this style will be bigger than the double style. Besides, it makes the cleaning process becomes faster and simpler.

Double bowl is mainly used in modern kitchens. It is flexible and can afford the need of users. If you have many big dishes and you like to cook a lot, it is advised to buy the double bowl as the replacement of your sink. But, since the basin size will be a little smaller than the single bowl then you really need to find the one that makes you comfortable to work with.

Farmhouse gives the classic touch in your kitchen so if you like something traditional or a bit country then you can consider this sink style. The sink is big, wide and deep. There are several materials available in the market for this type of sink. However, it is the most expensive sink even for replacement. The installment process will also require more efforts compared to other sink style.

So, which one do you like for your kitchen?

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The Types of 12 Inch Bar Sink

9. Types of 12-Inch Bar Sink – 2

12 Inch Bar Sink

12 inch bar sink with single bowl may be suitable for a home bar sink. When it comes to mix and serving drink at the bar in your home, you will need a lot of glassware varieties, utensils, and of course some accessories. All of them will need to be washed after the party is over. Most of home bars people owned consist of cabinets as the major occupant. You will be really busy if you love to throw party in your house but your bar is a dry bar. But transforming the dry into the wet one will need plenty of consideration. Yet, it will increase the bar experience in your house.

Consideration for the plumbing12-inch-bar-sink

Plumbing is one of the most important things that need to be considered when you want to install a sink. If the plumbing does not exist in your initial home bar then you will need some dedication to the cost and time to create it. The money you should spend for paying the professional plumber is varied starting from $85 per hour.

I will also explain several types of bar sink that are available in the market. One of them may be suitable for you and your bar. It will make your work a lot much easier.

Home bar sinks

The average size of home bar is probably as big as the regular bar sink you may find in the market. This sink is also available in various materials as well as the styles, sizes, and the option for mounting the sink. Choose the suitable one will create a unique theme for the home bar. The bar sink prize range is starting from 30 US dollar to 800 US dollars or so and you can buy it anywhere.

Home bar cocktail station sinks

You also have chance to create home bar with more modeled and unique style. Cocktail station sink will be a good consideration. You will have the similar line up of commercial bar but the design of it will be specifically arranged for the home bar. There are three cocktail station options you can choose.

Built-in cocktail station is specifically designed for outdoor home bar. It is built into the island and seems like the built-in grill. The design will include drain board, condiment cup, the cap capture, portable ice bin, bottle well, bottle storage, and of course the sink.

Drop-in cocktail station is the second type of cocktail station sin. It works well with the standard cabinet and the sink is similar with the kitchen sink. The function is as same as the first type but it is not equipped with the storage rail for bottles in front of the station. But you can install the bottle rail on the door.

The last type is finished top cocktail station. The concept is unique and suitable for you who like stainless steel as the main material for the station even though the look is similar with the two previous types. This is pretty configurable and you can use a sink with 12-inch in depth.

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Tricks to Clean Stainless Steel Prep Table with Sink Effectively

6.Stainless Steel Prep Table With Sink 2

Stainless Steel Prep Table With Sink

Stainless steel prep table with sink is a popular product. This is due to the function of the product itself. You may use this type of table on your kitchen. It is like a multi function table. Let’s discuss a little bit about why people love to use stainless steel prep table with sink.

Why You Should Use Stainless Steel Pre Table

Most people love to use stainless steel prep table with sink is because of its durability. This type of table is long lasting and you don’t need to apply too complicated treatment. The most important thing is that stainless steel prep table is corrosion resistant. That’s why it keeps your foods hygiene and safe enough.

Wash the Stainless Steel Table with Water and Soap

It is stated that you don’t need to apply complicated treatment to clean the stainless steel prep table. If you think that it is not too dirty, you can just clean it with water and soap. The way to do it is simple. Just prepare a dry cloth. Then, wash the cloth with warm water. Give the wet cloth soap and wipe down the surface of the table and the sink. When it is done, you can wash with water and make sure that there is no soap left before using it.

Stainless Steel Prep Table With Sink

Apply a Tinny Vinegar and Baking Soda

How if you see a little bit abrasive around the stainless steel prep table with sink? You don’t need to worry. Just remove all the ingredients you want to wash or cook from the table. Then, prepare vinegar and baking soda. You can start to sprinkle baking soda around the countertop and vinegar to the non abrasive area. Now, you can scrub the table slowly and make sure that the abrasive is perfectly removed from it. When it is clean enough, you can just wash it with water and soon, you will see a clean stainless steel table ready to use.

Keep the Table Dry

The key to keep your stainless steel prep table with sink long lasting is by keeping it dry anytime after using it. Because of that, you have to make sure that the table is dry. Just use smooth towel, paper towel, dish towel, tissue, and even microfiber cloth to clean all of the table areas. When it is done, you can use it just like before.

Polish the Stainless Steel Prep Table

Try to polish your favorite stainless steel prep table. What you need to do is by applying a tinny amount of olive oil. Just apply it on a paper towel or microfiber towel. Then, you can wipe the paper towel to the stainless steel prep table. Do it until all parts of the table totally clean. Wash it with water and the stainless steel prep table with sink ready to use.

Basically, those treatments are useful to keep your stainless steel table looks shiny. The table is hygiene enough to support your cooking activity. There will be no dirt or abrasive compounds mixed on the cooking ingredients which very dangerous for your health. The simple design is also great for small kitchen. Hopefully, this information helps you enough to choose the best kitchen table and stainless steel prep table will be the answer.

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