How to Clean Hot Tub Pump and Heater to Prevent Common Problems

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Hot Tub Pump And Heater

Before installing hot tub pump and heater, it is important to know the common problem of this equipment. Actually, it is not only about learning the problem. Moreover, it is also important to know how to clean the hot tub pump and heater. It is very important so you can keep its performance and use it longer.

Common Hot Tub Pump and Heater Problems

There are several problems you need to consider if you want to keep the performance of your beloved hot tub pump and heater. First, there is a time that you are having problem with the low flow. Commonly, this problem is caused by the dirty filter. The dirt disturbs the flow of the heat and it makes your hot tub pump and heater won’t heat just like what you want. Second, thermostat is also a common problem faced by hot tub pump and heater. Sometimes, the thermostat doesn’t show the heat level accurately. It is dangerous if it doesn’t know the exact heat temperature. Third, there is a case that the hot tub pump and heater have a high limitproblem. Actually, it is similar to the thermostat in which it is a switch to control the heat. When you push this switch, your hot tub pump and heater can spread maximal heat from the power. If there is a problem it means the high limit switch doesn’t work well. The connector couldn’t spread sufficient power and as the result you can’t get the heat you want most.

How to Clean Hot Tub Pump and HeaterHot Tub Pump And Heater

After learning a little bit about the common problem faced by hot tub pump and heater, you need to learn about how to clean it. In fact, there is problem which can simply solve by only cleaning the part. So, what do you have to do to clean your hot tub pump and heater safely without make specific damage? First, you have to turn off the power. It is very important because water can disturb the cleaning process. You may slip because of the water. Don’t turn on the tub while empty because it triggers damage on the tub and the heater. Second, now you can drain the water. What you have to do is finding the drain plugs and open it. It is useful todrain the rest of water from the hot tub. You may use a garden hose. Third, when the hot tub is drained perfectly, you can start to clean the filter. To make it easy, you can remove the filter from the tub. Then, you can spray with garden hose. High pressure nozzle is a good option so it can clean the filter perfectly. The sign that you have perfectly clean it is the color of the filter. Dirty filter looks black and clean filter looks white. Fourth, you can empty the pipes and the bottom of the hot tub. Check this part carefully and make sure there is nothing there and perfectly clean. Fifth, the last thing to do is reassembling all the parts of the hot tub pump and heater. Hopefully, it keeps your hot tub pump and heater performance without any significant problem.

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