All You Need to Know About Home Depot Pedestal Sink

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Home Depot Pedestal Sink

A quick look at Home Depot Pedestal Sink collections and you will instantly fall in love with these absolute beauty. Not many homeowners are aware of what pedestal sinks are, however the moment they see pictures of the collection in Home Depot, they quickly understand that pedestal sinks are indeed none other than a bathroom sink that they are so accustomed to. So why is it called Pedestal Sink if it is just another bathroom sink? What makes it different from the standard definition of a bathroom sink? Keep reading to find out.

It may only be another fancy name for a bathroom sink; however, if you are interested in learning the difference between them

– the answer is actually very simple. Check its design and you will most likely see the difference. Yes, a Pedestal Sink is indeed a combination of two contrasting designs: the traditional design and contemporary design. With the signature look of a wide and deep basin with signature porcelain base underneath, this sink is to die for and is guaranteed to amplify the beauty of your home – especially those with modern decor. If you are interested in this type of Home Depot Pedestal Sink material, keep reading to find our tips.

All You Need to Know About Home Depot Pedestal Sink

Things to consider before purchasing

There are a few important things you must take into consideration before you buy the unit you love. As you have probably guessed, these things are rather technical and dull yet important nonetheless. First and foremost, you must take the appropriate measurement to better determine the correct size for your available space. Remember, the sink should not overpower the interior design of your bathroom. Another useful tips is to make sure that your pedestal sink is not only a perfect fit for the space, but also the faucet of your choice.

Things to consider when selecting the style

If there is one thing you must always keep in mind, it is the fact that Pedestal Sinks are always comprised of two pieces. First is the basin of the sink, and the other is the pedestal column that you can see underneath. Another thing is the fact that it is must always be supported by the wall – this may work in your favor as well, since you can hide your plumbing behind it. Also, the console features of your sink is typically supported by its 4-legs and more often than not, it is also equipped with a built-in backsplash which is a very thoughtful addition.

Where can we use a pedestal sink?

Unlike bathroom sink, pedestal sink can also be found elsewhere as it is not confined in the bathroom. If you have been wondering other places in the house you can enhance by giving it a beautifully made pedestal sink, below is a list of three examples as to where it is acceptable for you to install a pedestal in.

  • Any area in the house that has limited floor space such as the small guest bathroom and also a powder room.

  • If you want to add it to the bathroom, you can easily put it next to your current sink and dub it the his and her sinks.

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