How to Remove Kitchen Sink Drain Gasket to Solve Leaking Problem

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Kitchen Sink Drain Gasket

There is a case that your kitchen sink is leaking and it might be because of its kitchen sink drain gasket. Don’t let it without any proper treatment. Just fix it right away to prevent greater kitchen sink problem. You may fix it by yourself if you have time. Just follow the information below and hopefully the leaking problem can be solved right away.

Check the Leak

Before removing the kitchen sink and the gasket, you need to check the leak first. The way to check it is also easy to do. Just fill the sink with water. Now, check the bottom of the gasket strainer. If you feel the water there, it means the basket strainer is leak. It means you have to continue to the next step.

Remove the Sink

If you are sure that the sink is leaking, you have to turn on the water system. Then, start to remove or uninstall the kitchen sink carefully. You may start by losing the coupling nut at the based of the basket strainer. You may do it with a slip joint plier. Try to slide the nut until completely off from the threads. It is better to hold the basket because mostly it is spinning and it disturbs the process.

Uninstall the Locknut

When the coupling nut is successfully removed, you can continue with the locknut. Just remove it carefully. You may use 16 inch slip joint pliers or spud wrench. Spin the tool until you can uninstall the locknut perfectly. The difficulty of doing this step is because there are some parts which are also moving while the spinning process.

Treat the Gasket

Now, prepare the plumber’s putty. Just apply the putty around the lip of the drain opening. When it ready start to adjust the strainer. What you have to do is press the strainer down into the putty. Just do it carefully and firmly.

Reinstall the Parts of the SinkKitchen Sink Drain Gasket

If you think that you apply the putty well as well as readjust the strainer perfectly, you can finish it by reinstall the parts of the sink. Install the rubber gasket, friction ring, and the locknut which released before. Don’t forget to retighten the locknut. It is a must for you to make sure that the parts of the sink have been tightening perfectly.

Recheck the Leaking

The last thing to do is recheck the leak. You can do the same thing in which you can turn on the water and let it through the sink. Now, check the bottom of the thegasket strainer. The sign that you are successfully solved the leak is that there will be no water on the gasket strainer. If you still feel the water, you may recheck the parts of the sink.

Actually, it is the simplest way to solve the leak of your kitchen sink drain gasket. If it doesn’t work, there is a possibility that there is a damage part. You may replace the part with a new one by removing the sink first. If it doesn’t work at all, you may call a professional plumber to help you.

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