Types of Kitchen Sinks before Replacing a Kitchen Sink

10. Types of Kitchen Sinks before Replacing a Kitchen Sink – 2

Replacing a kitchen sink

Replacing a kitchen sink is not a craft thing since it needs skill and determination though. But before you replace the sink in your kitchen with the new one, it is important to know and understand about the characteristics of each material and types of the sink as well. Basically people will consider the material as well as the style of the sink.

The materials of sinks

Stainless steel is the most popular material for sink. Besides, more than 70% of sinks in the market are made of stainless steel. Even though it is considered as an affordable material for sink, several big brands will require cost from 300 US dollars and more. It is resistant to stains and heat but easily scratch and it shows the water spots more blatantly.

Cast iron is a kind of oldest materials and still getting the popularity in today since it comes with various colors. Most of them are finished with enamel so it will shine and not get rusted. It is also durable even though it is also made of enamel. But it is heavy and pretty expensive. Besides, it is not suitable for under-mount sink installment.

The next material is composite which are the combination of quartz and crushed granite. It gives the quality of material like quartz or granite as well as the aesthetic. It is also considered as the toughest material and resistant to scratching and stains as well.

Fireclay is made of ceramic clay that is molded into the sink shape. It is also finished with the enamel so the strength becomes better. This material is offered in the most expensive price among other materials for sink. The enamel is easily chipped if you accidentally drop the dishes on it. It gives classic look.

The styles of sinksreplacing-a-kitchen-sink

Single bowl will be really suitable for you who like compact look and have the limited space. The price will be cheaper than any styles as well. You will find that the basin of this style will be bigger than the double style. Besides, it makes the cleaning process becomes faster and simpler.

Double bowl is mainly used in modern kitchens. It is flexible and can afford the need of users. If you have many big dishes and you like to cook a lot, it is advised to buy the double bowl as the replacement of your sink. But, since the basin size will be a little smaller than the single bowl then you really need to find the one that makes you comfortable to work with.

Farmhouse gives the classic touch in your kitchen so if you like something traditional or a bit country then you can consider this sink style. The sink is big, wide and deep. There are several materials available in the market for this type of sink. However, it is the most expensive sink even for replacement. The installment process will also require more efforts compared to other sink style.

So, which one do you like for your kitchen?

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