Under Sink Plumbing Parts You Should Know

23. Under Sink Plumbing Parts You Should Know 12

Under Sink Plumbing Parts

Knowing the under sink plumbing parts is important. When you have something wrong with the sink in your house, it will be easier for you to buy the new part if you know what it is. Therefore, this article will share you some of those parts so that you can have deeper understanding about the basic in the sink, which often break, leak, or even block the water flow in your house.

Supply tubesUnder Sink Plumbing Parts

These plumbing parts commonly comes in pair. You can find this part from your sink faucet tailpieces downward to the shut off valves. It connects these two parts by using attached nuts. It made from various materials. The commonly used are braided wire, solid plastic (usually gray), plastic mesh (usually white), or chromed copper.


This part under sink is the one made from two parts. It consist the U bend and the trap arm. Both of this part is in curved section. The main purpose of this part in thesink is to connect the sink into the sewer line. The curved trap has the ability to hold standing water. In other words, it will prevent sewer gasses to rise up. On the other hand, the bottom part of the U bend still filled with water. It keeps the gasses not to pass through. This part allows you to have the old water flushed out then replaced with new water every time you run the water down. In older house the slip nut joints may use the solvent glued traps instead.

Drain Tailpiece

This under sink part often addressed as the sink tailpiece as well. it is the straight section, which connecting the bottom part of your sink into the drain fitting. If you use pop up drain for your sink, then there will be lever rod of the drain assembly, which connected to the port at the back part of the tailpiece. The tailpiece often attached to the drain fitting by using a slip nut. It is a threaded ring, which you can tight and loose by your hand, or sometimes by using gentle persuasion of channel type pliers as well. Below the nut, you will find plastic tapered washer, which makes a watertight seal.

Shut off valves

This part is the small valves located between the supply hoses, or tubes, and the pipes for the incoming water supply. The hoses or tubes are usually the one connected the tailpieces on the sink faucet. These plumbing parts often used metal as well as plastic as its main material. The shape varies from oval to football shaped handle in order to ease you on opening or closing the valve. In other sources, this part also called as stop valves. It is because this part allows you to turn off the water supply in your sink. You do not need to shut off the water to the whole areas in your house by having this part. It often comes in pairs. The one is to control cold water, while the other is to control hot water.

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