The Types of 12 Inch Bar Sink

9. Types of 12-Inch Bar Sink – 2

12 Inch Bar Sink

12 inch bar sink with single bowl may be suitable for a home bar sink. When it comes to mix and serving drink at the bar in your home, you will need a lot of glassware varieties, utensils, and of course some accessories. All of them will need to be washed after the party is over. Most of home bars people owned consist of cabinets as the major occupant. You will be really busy if you love to throw party in your house but your bar is a dry bar. But transforming the dry into the wet one will need plenty of consideration. Yet, it will increase the bar experience in your house.

Consideration for the plumbing12-inch-bar-sink

Plumbing is one of the most important things that need to be considered when you want to install a sink. If the plumbing does not exist in your initial home bar then you will need some dedication to the cost and time to create it. The money you should spend for paying the professional plumber is varied starting from $85 per hour.

I will also explain several types of bar sink that are available in the market. One of them may be suitable for you and your bar. It will make your work a lot much easier.

Home bar sinks

The average size of home bar is probably as big as the regular bar sink you may find in the market. This sink is also available in various materials as well as the styles, sizes, and the option for mounting the sink. Choose the suitable one will create a unique theme for the home bar. The bar sink prize range is starting from 30 US dollar to 800 US dollars or so and you can buy it anywhere.

Home bar cocktail station sinks

You also have chance to create home bar with more modeled and unique style. Cocktail station sink will be a good consideration. You will have the similar line up of commercial bar but the design of it will be specifically arranged for the home bar. There are three cocktail station options you can choose.

Built-in cocktail station is specifically designed for outdoor home bar. It is built into the island and seems like the built-in grill. The design will include drain board, condiment cup, the cap capture, portable ice bin, bottle well, bottle storage, and of course the sink.

Drop-in cocktail station is the second type of cocktail station sin. It works well with the standard cabinet and the sink is similar with the kitchen sink. The function is as same as the first type but it is not equipped with the storage rail for bottles in front of the station. But you can install the bottle rail on the door.

The last type is finished top cocktail station. The concept is unique and suitable for you who like stainless steel as the main material for the station even though the look is similar with the two previous types. This is pretty configurable and you can use a sink with 12-inch in depth.

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